Friday, February 27, 2009


These have been featured in a treasury!

I just love the colors of beads, all shapes and sizes. I got these gorgeous drops from Australia today and decided to make them into an interesting pair of earrings. I used the jade drops and then the smaller ones are turquoise, just the tiniest cutest little beads! I liked the contrast of the white glass beads and thought it would be fun to put a couple of nuggets on each one. I've never made a pair of earrings with tiger tail before so this was really a challenge for me but so much fun. I'd love some feedback on these, as they are way outside my box. :)

I am Thankful

Sometimes I forget to be thankful. Today I have been given the day off with the rest of my company because we are ahead in our orders. So I'm staying home, doing laundry, cooking, shopping for food, taking care of my doggies, cleaning, dusting, sweeping and mopping the floors, doing more laundry, listing things in my clearance section of my shoppe and if I get a second I might have a peanut butter sandwich. But I will say that I am blessed and thankful because there are those who don't have jobs and are hurting financially and emotionally right now. I've been thinking about taking a portion of what goes into my paypal account and putting it aside for team mates that made need it worse than I do. It will build up over time but this will give me a little fund to draw on to help my friends. They've given me so much support over the months that it's well and good to do something for them.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I belong to the greatest team, team mates with some of the sweetest people and they've formed themselves into a team and called themselves Etsy West Michigan Team. They have given me so much support since I started in July of 2008 and they just all seem like family.
Recently the call was given to anyone that would be willing to participate in "Craft Day" at a local church. So far 4 women have stepped up to the challenge and are giving of themselves and their resources to teach little girls some of their favorite crafts. This event is happening in April and it has really touched the hearts of the ladies from that church. Here are the participants so far and what they will be teaching:
Rachel-Drop Spindling
Teresa-Needle Felting
Michele-Sketching "The Art of Worship"
If anyone else on our team or from other teams would like to participate in this day of giving your time by volunteering to teach young girls a new skill please let me know. Thank You!
I got a team treasury west
thanks for visiting!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

This is just one of the fun night light shades I've made over the past year, Paris in the Night. This was a collaboration of my soul sista Lashell (yep same name different spelling) of DesignTalentedOne on Etsy. You can visit her store at
to see more of her interesting and unique creations!
I plan on putting these night lights in our Festival of the Arts this summer. Visit my shoppe to see more of these cute little prism flashing shades!

My Beaded Night Light Shades

In my little corner of the world there is one thing I know I do well and that's make these little night light shades. In every color you can imagine. I am at the mercy of craft stores for availabilty so I've begun buying online. I finally found a store that has bulk beads for these and I couldn't be happier.

My brother is a bee keeper and extracts the honey and for the first time is bottling it. I have this for sale in my Butterfly Heavens shoppe! 16 oz bottle for $4.00 and if you're local no cost for shipping if you want to come and pick it up.

My Butterfly Heavens shoppe is where I come unglued. It's where I step away from the proper and unwind. Lady Em is one of my Bodascious Fairy Beauties. I enjoy making these polymer clay figurines and find that it really helps me to deal differently with my creativity and look at things in a different way. It forces me to step outside of the proper and be a little edgy. I've only just begun with these. I would love to sell my first one. Each of these are OOAK and I'll never be able to re-create these gorgeous babe fairies perfectly but in the mean time I'll just keep having fun making them!
Designs By LaShelle
I try to bring beauty into everything I do and sometimes I run out of materials. I have to tell you about what one soul did for me.
We were laid off at my company for a while and I was running out of supplies and couldn't create anything more. One day I came home and to my suprise there was a bag on my front porch. It was FULL of wire, beads and other findings. It was like Christmas!
I came in the house, got online to check my etsy store and I had a convo from one CatherineMarissa.
You can check her shoppe out at
She was the one who I found out left this delightful and very needed bag of wonderful "overflow" from her own craft supplies.
I began making things right away, trying to create through tears is tough. But there was no stopping me. The need to bead! Through the kindness of this dear woman I was able to list more things in my shoppe and to this day I still can't believe it. But that's the heart of CatherineMarissa.