Friday, July 24, 2009

Pay It Forward

I was moved today by a kindness that my friend showed me. She brought me a bag of food. In the bag was a cake with a piece missing (it was too rich for her so she gave it to us) and other food items she didn't want and wanted to share with us. I knew it was time to PAY IT FORWARD.

Sometimes when I've given things to people at work or other places, I have heard "oh, no thanks, I don't like that" or "ewwww, I don't like the color" or "get that away from me I'm on a diet" (OK the last one is understandable). I just have never understood pickiness. I don't understand people that complain especially when someone is offering something FOR FREE and the person it's being offered to ask for something different or just doesn't show tact when the item is offered. Someone once said to me "I really need something to eat, I have low blood sugar" and I offered them an apple. "No thanks" they said, "I don't like apples". OK, sometimes I get to the place where I don't want to offer anything because of the rejection. When something is offered to me whether it's food, water, help, a handmade item I am honored, humbled and very appreciative. I don't care what flavor or color I will take it graciously and not complain.

I was in Family Fare today and saw an elderly woman pushing a cart. She looked frail and something inside me told me to buy her some flowers. I don't get these convictions often and when I do I always act on them. I saw that she had her husband with her and when she began talking to another lady I walked up to him and asked him if it would be ok if I could buy his wife some flowers, that I was being moved to do this act of kindness and that she was the person I was to do this for. He told me "naw, really, you don't need to do this" and I told him when I felt convicted to do something, I had to do it and I wouldn't take no for an answer...LOL He pulled out a dollar bill and said, well then let me put a dollar in too" I wouldn't take it, I told him I was going to have the bouquet up at the front of the store when they were ready to check out and he smiled and said "Thank You, it's going to make her very happy, as she is going through chemotherapy right now..." The only reason I'm sharing this story with you is not to get any kind of praise or acclamations, but to encourage each and every one of you to do something for someone today. You never know to what level that will encourage them and help them in their walk of life. And what did I get? I got a smile on my face.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What's Really Important To Me

Sometimes when things seem like you can't make it

And every heart you meet is sad

Knowing that there is someone who'll take all the

the tears away and make you glad

Life can always show you heartache if that's the life you're looking for

Although through crying comes a rainbow

When the sun shines through the grey

I'll be waiting till you need me

when life gets to heavy for you to bear

I'll be there to turn that sadness into smiles

Just waiting...I'll be here.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I had such a great time at Fulton Street ARTisian Market today. I got to be next to a good buddy of mine, Michele, she's a riot and a half, we laughed and had a very interesting day, with the wind blowing our stuff all over haha it was still fun. She was so generous; she loaned me some bungees, helped me prop my trunk lid up and was just there for me in general. What a blessing she was.
Visit Michele's shop at or for beautiful creations of magnets, hand pastel drawings and more!
It's always fun to see my team mates and get to meet new people, do some networking and with the bodacious fairy beauties there are just laughs never ending at my booth. It makes it worth it for me, just to bring them and watch people laugh, smile, and sometimes even try not to laugh. Those people the ones that want to maintain their "proper" crack me up because you know they want to laugh but don't because of the company they are with.
I had to go down and try the asparagus; I hate asparagus, haven't eaten it in over 20 years. My ex mother in law used to serve it on purpose just to piss me off. But I want to let her know that "it's all in how you prepare it sugar!!!" because the asparagus I had to day just rocked my world! Blue cheese crumbles, warmed over grilled tender crisp asparagus, marinated in some kind of salted wonder, was just heaven in this grandma's mouth.
While I was picking up my greens, Sarah Roemer was calling to me trying to get my her hands was something that I'd been hinting about for a few weeks but never ever did I expect that she would go ahead and make one. It was the most beautiful, yellowish gold headband made with her rawkin' pop tabs, and I seriously almost cried. What a moving display of loving friendship, thoughtfulness and selflessness! I really didn't know what to say. It is just beautiful. Thank You so much Sarah. It's just beautiful.
Visit her shop at for more of her creations using recycled pop tabs made into purses, bracelets and more!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Made a Vendor Apron!



I needed a vendor apron and it seemed easy enough but the problem was that I can't sew. So I visualized what I wanted, wrote to my friend in England about it and she sent me a very detailed drawing on how to do it. It seemed mostly like straight line sewing just rolling my edges so I didn't have any fraying problems and I began.

So I took a long piece of fabric, the same material as I'm going to cover my tables with and sew'd all the edges after measuring it about where I wanted it to lay when I had it tied on. I bought a roll of yellow ribbon to match to use for ties. Then I cut out three squares of different colors of butterfly material with some really shiny strings in it, looks like glitter in the fabric, and put 3 little pockets on the front. So far so good LOL then I folded the apron in half and got a little wild, and sew'd zig zag stitches all down both sides and in the middle of my butterfly pockets so instead of having 3 little pockets in the front I have 3 big pockets too!

I'm always trying to find things that actually go around me. It was funny because recently I was asked "do you take a small, medium or large" and I had to tell them a 3X. So big is great but plus is where I'm at.

I was just glad I was able to use my head and make this. I usually leave these kinds of things to the pros but this time I needed to prove to myself that I can do whatever I put my mind to do. I can't wait for Geoff to come home in the morning so I can show him I did it, and I actually finished it HAHAHAHA as I'm terrible at finishing things. He knows that fact so this will be a suprise for him for sure!

This is my wish for how I want it to look on me HAHA nice tiny waist, but this bod uses the entire apron, TRUST ME.


I decided to put a ruffle on it, I've never made a ruffle for anything, I only eat ruffles LOL

It sorta turned out a little crappy, the ruffle ended up not even. But it's still cute to me. I'm thinking about added some hand stitched crystals to the pockets. But that will have to be another day as I need to make mobiles today.

Ramblings From A Nervous Heart

The vibe rock pendant business has been taking off lately! I've sold 6 at work (gave one away because I got a big tip from one of the buyers) and had a custom order on Etsy among other orders. I've been making new ones, trying to make different colors because there are so many different people. Trying to please....hmmmm sounds like a blog entry...
I am going to be doing my first craft "show" and have been wondering lately how many people will try to insult me or my team by making statements such as "oh I can make that," "you're asking what for that"?, "you're asking $20 dollars, will you take $5"?, or "I like this one, but do you have it in the color of the rainbow?" I think most people will be respectful and it's what we can hope for however I know there will be people that will be just plain rude, with their noses turned up. I know I will hear statements and see the kind of looks that people make when they step in a pile of dog crap. I just want to say to all those people that are more than likely "loaded", that come to the market this summer to take advantage of the sellers down there, (trying to get something for nothing and then taking there "prize" home to brag about later) that we are not the starving artists that you think we are. We are hard working men and women with a passion to create beautiful and practical things. We are people that love what we do and put a fair and comparable price on our beautiful handmade items. We are men and women that take a lot of pride in our knowledge of craftmanship no matter what level we are at and expect to be treated like the artisians we are. It's not always about the money though; just having someone say "I like this" can be payment enough.
I am excited to attend the Farmers' ARTisians Market this summer and can't wait to get to hang out with all my team mates and be apart of this team I belong to. One thing I will do though, is keep my eye out for those that attend, and I think God will let me know, those people that really need a break.
I expect to see someone walk past my table with diamonds on her fingers as big as bowling balls, hair and makeup expertly done, nails manicured, and designer clothes saying "I can do that" while I sit and drink my soda knowing in my mind that it won't be my things she turns her nose up at but it'll be after she goes home and tries to make it herself...remember the pile of dog crap I mentioned?

Just thought this was pretty.

Friday, May 29, 2009

21 Things You Might Not Know About Mua

0. Jesus is my hero

1/2. I love my family even though I don't show it often

1. Always the optimist

2. I suck at cooking

3. I still love to sing, although I don't

4. I love every genre of music, except rap...don't make me listen to it, i'll get mad at ya

5. I'm open minded and open hearted

6. The Bible is the only book that makes me happy

7. My heart breaks for hurting people

8. I'm non-judgemental always

9. I'm honest to a fault

10. I say way too much sometimes

11. I don't have much patience but I'm learning

12. I need to lose weight but I'm too lazy to do it

13. I want a meaningful job

14. I enjoy my computer

15. I'm thankful for a good eyebrow waxing

16. If you ask me a point blank question I'll answer it honestly

17. I wish I could retire

18. I wish I had a better relationship with my oldest daughter

19. I feel bad about this, but my dogs irritate me to the point where I don't even want to come home sometimes

20. grocery shopping is really annoying

21. I have many secrets

Friday, May 22, 2009

Cherish The One You're With

How to get a husband to help...I just stopped doing everything and not worrying about what isn't getting done. Geoff now washes and dries the laundry, I fold it. He will load the dishwasher and start it, I put the dishes away. If he trims trees, I go help him pick up the branches...I take the trash out, he rolls the can to the curb and brings it back in. We just started sharing the jobs. I never have ever complained, not once about what he doesn't do and it's just been groovy.
If he made me a bouquet of wildflowers and left the mess all over, I'd honestly be astonished and love the wonderful thing he had done. He doesn't bring me flowers but he shows me he loves me by cleaning the toilet, going to work everyday and coming home to me. He shows me he loves me by eating my food too, telling me thank you and that it was good (and I can't cook that great). I know I goof around a lot and try to be funny about everything but when it comes to love and Geoff I get serious when I say I got it all with this guy. He loves to sit on the porch, hold my hand and drink coffee with me while I do all the talking. I am so blessed to have him in my life. I appreciate the little things as well as the big things he does for me and I wouldn't change a moment of the last 11 years we've been together. Something that I think of every day: I cherish this man I married everyday as there may come a time that I will be without him and I'll wish for the mess he leaves by the coffee maker.

Monday, May 18, 2009

♥♫♥♪♫♥♥♫♥♪♫♥Beginning June 14 Designs By LaShelle will be closing every Sunday to attend Fulton Street Artisians Market where I will join my Etsy West Michigan family. There will be wonderful creations by a lot of Etsy West Michigan artisians including Designs By LaShelle so if you're in the neighborhood please stop by and say hi! Specials by most ETSY West Michigan Artisians June 14th so come on down!♥♫♥♪♫♥

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Getting ready for FSAM

I'm so excited about are a couple of pictures to show you the progress...
Here is the blog on FSAM
Please visit me at my etsy shop and my other shop at

Friday, May 1, 2009


♥*♥*♥*WEEKEND SALE*♥*♥*♥♥♫♥♪♫♥FREE WEEKEND SHIPPING AND 10% OFF YOUR ORDER♥♫♥♪♫♥ Please come and visit me at my shop!

If you are looking for Mothers' Day gifts or just something different for yourself, a family member or friend, come visit Designs By LaShelle for all your gift needs. If you don't see what you are looking for I have some wonderful team mates that have great ideas for gifts!

First Fruits and Flynn Orchards have these wonderful jams and jelly's as well as applesauce, sugar scrubs, even homemade marshmallows! Chocolate covered at that!

Here is a wonderful pastel done by my friend at Secondsight another wonderful Etsian. She is an artist that features gorgeous unique one of a kind drawings, cards, magnets all hand drawn. Her shop link is below where you can purchase her art work.

Shady Side Farm is honestly one of my favorite shops on Etsy, and being an owner of several pairs of "shady sockies" I can say without hesitation that they are the absolute best socks on the market. Gorgeous color, true to size, so soft and with proper care they will last and last! Visit their shop to see more wonderful items!

And what would Mothers' Day be without a fabulous card? Pick one up at Articulations!

And I just love this picture, and I've tried her liquid soap and it's to die for! No artificial anything as I'm allergic to a lot of artificial additives and the scent was wonderful, lather fantastic and the scent was heavenly. You can find more lovelies at their shop

All of Etsy West Michigan Shops have links to each other so it's like mall shopping from the comfort of your chair!

There is one more shop I have to mention.

RCTEES have the best shirts in my opinion on Etsy. What makes a shop the best? Well you want quality but it's the artist as well and these designs are terrific and this shop is in the Etsy Gift Guide and Yesterday it made the Front Page! Way to go Toni!

Here's a link to her fantastic shop


Thursday, April 30, 2009

What are these plants called?

Lilly of the Valley?
I have no idea...

What is this one?

Very dainty but what the heck is it?

Fake toad, is this plant Hens and Chickens? LOL I do not know....

Geoff said "they're all weeds...pull 'em up"

I have a lot of these all over in different areas of my yard. They are the one plant that never dies during the spring and summer.

Crappy picture but I think you get the idea....anyone know what this little dainty is?
I've taken some pictures of plants that are coming up in my back yard and have no idea what they are called. Does anyone know?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm amazed at the brilliance of God in my Garden. That even at the touch of my feebleness and ineptness that God can still coax tulips up, let them know that everything will still be alright, even though they were planted in my little flower garden. I can just hear them all talking now "do you think it's safe to show our heads"? "All clear" one says...."She took the rake back inside, yet we will miss Joe, he gave his life so we could have a clean area to come up in"...yeah, I raked a tulip and broke it clean off the stem. It was the first one up. I didn't see them last year. I wasn't sure I would get any this year either. I'm not a gardener. I've always wanted to try though and when I accidently broke that little blossom off even before it had a chance to open and show all of it's glory I thought, isn't that like life? Sometimes we as human beings tend to prejudge someone before we even get a chance to see their true beauty and by the time we're done we've broken their spirit. How unfortunate that we will never get a chance to see them standing tall, in all their true beauty, because of biting words or even sometimes a hateful look (or a misplaced rake).

I have some pictures to show all that visit, of the little babies coming up in the potting soil, seeds that I planted 2 weeks ago that have come all the way from Kent, England from a dear friend named Polly. She is a walking gardening book; after looking at her garden, her green house, her plants, her yard, her home, she to me is a master gardener, and she is mentoring me, helping me to build a cottage garden.

What you are looking at above are called Nasturium Mix after 2 weeks germination.

These above in the picture are called Veronica and I believe these will be blue with spikes. Polly told me I would have to thin them out and I will try and save everyone of those sweet little Veronicas :)

Now unfortunately I think I've made a dreadful mistake with these dear ones as they've grown rather fast and gotten spindly, because I failed at keeping them warm enough. These are called cosmos and I think they are going to be red if they make it. I have this one especially on my prayer list.

Isn't this cool! It's quite chunky looking and this is going to be a butternut squash! Isn't he handsome! I'm going to transplant him this week while I'm laid off in a bigger pot and once the threat of snails are gone I'm going to put him somewhere safe where he can grow as long and as big as he wants to. Hopefully we'll find some family members on that vine LOL

Polly has written as you can see by her drawing that this particular plant is good for bees and this plant is going to have blue balls on it, I looked this one up and the color is going to be very very vivid! I can't wait to see these! This one I think, is called (Polly I need your help on this) Echnops.

These little guys right above are called "Evening primrose" and according to instructions from Polly these are Bi Annuals. The Verbena's are up as well but they are so small yet the camera couldn't capture them and the last picture is of the White Cosmos that Polly sent. Everything else has still not come up but I think they are just being fashionably late. I've kept everything watered finger moist and not wet as Polly cautioned that they would rot if kept too wet. I'm so excited to see the rest pop up, but like the tulips they are all probably deciding when it's safe and that I don't have a rake in my hand.

white cosmos

I am having so much fun planning, and waiting and watching! Oh and I have to share a picture of the book that Polly so thoughtfully sent to me, which actually has some lovely examples of what I want my garden to look like. But I will share the book the next time I blog. My new project for this cottage garden is going to be handmade fencing to go around my flowers. Until next time, Take Care!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Cottage Garden

My friend Polly and I have been penpals for quite some time now. She lives in Kent, England and so it's a little difficult to catch her awake because of the time differences. I mentioned a while ago that I'd like to have a cottage garden but since I'm not a gardener didn't know even where to begin. So Polly, without expecting anything in return has been mentoring me in the masterful art of cottage gardening. She sent me homemade packets of her own seeds some perrenials some annuals, with drawings, printed pictures, and directions in sowing, how to sow, when to sow, what kind of soil to plant in, how to organize and how to set in groupings.

Being laid off has been a financial challenge but as Polly has told me cottage gardens were began by the very poor, using materials for building fences and arbors made from what they found out in the woods, their children barefoot, depending almost solely what they could grow. I've seen wonderful pictures of Polly's gardens and I see that I have a lot to do.

She also, to my complete surprise sent me a gardening book that she has a copy of by the name of "Penelope Hobhouse, Flower Gardens" and in there are wonderful examples of cottage gardens, gorgeous pictures and gardening "how to's."

A week or two ago I planted all the seeds she sent me and I've just yesterday began to see the little guys peeking up through the soil. I know it's late in the season for starting seeds but I don't have a green house and no room in the house for them so I had to wait until it got a bit warmer as they have to be kept out on my back porch. So far I've spent 15 dollars on the project; 5 each for the covered plant trays and 5 for the potting soil. I'm going to use miracle grow at the next watering which I already have so no expense there. Today I will take pictures of the first garden and that is sprouting tulips, glads and lilies. Today I'm going to prepare the next section of garden and try to talk my husband into removing a fence he has up to keep our dogs off the grass.
Today is going to be a blessed day, beautiful sun, warm weather and a light breeze. Time to prepare more garden area.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

As with any new day comes new life, new moments and for me something to laugh about. But I'm always looking for something that's going to make me laugh. My life has not been easy; but it's the one I chose and hopefully I'm a better person for it. Laughing got me through some bad days; and helps me sail through the good ones.
Inspiration is sitting in my loft studio of the second floor of my house looking at this huge horse chestnut tree that is right in front of the window, watching a couple of black, grey and white birds building their nest in a hole just big enough for them to get in and out of. (English writers would call that a "drag on sentence", sorry)
I see something building their home in that hole every year and wonder "what is so good about that spot?" Well it's high enough to keep away from their enemies. If they built too low it would be the end, probably, of their little family. And they want to protect their babies from predators.
That's what I tried to do with my girls. I tried to protect them from predators, from bad influences, tried to keep them safe, give them a clean home to live in and clean clothes to wear and food to eat. They got everything that I thought they needed. I gave them much of my time, as we lived in the country many summer days were spent hiking, biking and well, shopping when they were little, just so I could be around people my age as at the time I was a stay at home mom. But I think I failed my kids in so many ways. I didn't teach them things that I wish I could've taught them. I wish I woulda talked to them more. I wish I woulda hugged them more. I wish I woulda gave them more affirmation and told them how special they were much more than I did. I think I expected too much perfection out of them as their little minds just couldn't grasp the thought of it. That makes me sad, and mad at myself. But the only thing I can do is tell them NOW how much I love them, hug them more often, and let them know how proud I am of them. Those girls are so special to me and I love them dearly.
You can find this suncatcher mobile at my butterflyheavens shoppe

Friday, April 10, 2009

Just Some Silly Thoughts

Sometimes I feel like this. But it's from laughing.

The tooth fairy has to be a girl. Guys can't be the tooth fairy, it just doesn't sound right. How did Santa get to be a boy? The men in my life never liked to hand out presents in the past or in the present, they really don't like to shop, and every time they give something away something in their head says "cha-ching" more money out the window. Humph. And what's the deal with "Father Time" Geoff is very laid back and doesn't run on a schedule when he's home. However I do have to say in his defense that he has never been late for work, not one day in his life. And I think it's because he can't wait to get outta here LMBO!. It should be Mother Nature and Mother Time. Instead of Santa Clause maybe it should be Shanta Clause....the Easter Bunny has to be a girl because I can't see Geoff carrying a basket. And look at poor old Mother Hubbard and the @#$! that left her with all those little babies to live in what has to be the most wretched place...... I want to believe the Sales Fairy is a girl just because there is shop visiting involved in it but our Andy needs to keep his Sales Bat a boy. His sales bat probably has a pipe hanging out its' mouth. And it's probably got "Henderson" stamped on the bottom of it in size 1 font.


Seriously, I know what your thinking...why does LaShelle have a pile of rocks pictured here? Well I work for a company that is always looking for better, less expensive ways to remanufacture our components. One way was to upgrade to a bigger, better "vibe" machine that polishes components after the wash cycle getting them ready for further processing. Well when we went to the upgrade we needed to dispense of the old media for a different type of media. We call these "stones". I'm not sure about what they are made of to tell the truth but a light bulb went off in my head the day they asked me to empty the machine out and get rid of them. "May I have them?" just came pouring out of my mouth and I'm not much of a pack rat but for some reason I thought, hey I think those would be cool if I could use those in mosaic foot stones for a neat path in my yard. I'll just make those into big round mosaic foot stones and maybe I can color/paint them somehow and well, my mind just wandered. So someone I work with took them to my car and we loaded them up after work. The majority of them are still in my trunk about 170 pounds of them.

The next day I asked our skilled trades guys what it would take to drill a hold in each one (now I'm thinking "hey I'm going to bead with them") and they told me they could but it would take a ceramic drill and they might have time to do a couple or so a day. Well I hate to impose on people so I dropped the idea of putting holes in them and came home thinking "oh great now i have a bunch of rocks in my trunk and am I really going to make them into stepping stones"? I have a terrible time finishing anything major so I put the whole thing to rest and just have been carrying a trunk full of rocks in my car; until yesterday!

I began looking at my little pile of rocks on the table in my studio and the wheels began turning in my head. Now grey can be pretty but I wanted color. I went to a nearby craft store and found some paint but not knowing what I have as far as material in this "rock" I wasn't sure which kind of paint to get so I purchased a bottle of the prettiest pearlesque paint I could find. Purple is one of my favorite colors so I couldn't go wrong. "I'll use it on something" I thought.

So I took one triangle stone and began painting. It dried very fast and I used my nail and tried to scrape it away but it was very set and hard to scrape off so I put a second coat on it. After it all dried I wire wrapped it with 22 gauge silver wire to make a pendant out of it and crocheted a multi color ribbon for the necklace. This is the final outcome and I really wanted to share it with anyone that had an interest in seeing it.

I have a few more

to do. :)


Easter Means...

So I'm sitting here getting a new treasury ready, another one for the team and it appeared:I couldn't of planned this better. I don't think I did. These are all of the team member listings I've collected so far for the treasury and I wasn't thinking about making this design until I sat back and then got goose bumps all over, and I thought, wow, there Jesus goes again, reminding me what's really important :)
Here and now I proclaim that Jesus Christ is my personal Savior.
If you want real joy and peace in your life accept Him as well if you already haven't.
You'll never be the same.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

10 Things That Make Me Happy

1. The color purple makes me happy. Although I don't own one piece of purple clothing. What's up with that?

2. Big fluffy snowflakes.

3. A colorful sunset over Lake Michigan.

4. My grandsons; all three of them and listening to them laugh.

5. Listening to the waves at the beach.

6. Birds that are singing.

7. Giving something to someone when they are in need.

8. Celebrating a success with a friend.

9. The Big "O".

10. Sales are good but someone telling you that your latest creation is awesome (and you know they are not just saying that) is very rewarding.

Friday, April 3, 2009

We're in Etsy's Gift Guide

This is so exciting for us because our honey is featured in the Etsy Gift Guides right now under the sub heading of "Slow Food"!!!!
I've met a seller on Etsy who turns honey dippers and we are going to team up and link each of our listings to the other!
Here is a link to her shop
And here is the link to the page of the gift guide where our honey is!

My Little Peanut Chick Magnet

I spent some much needed time with my daughter and grandson yesterday. Landon is such a joy! I often wonder what the world will have in store for him but one thing I know...
chick's dig him!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Etsy West Michigan Sexy Artisians

Oh do I love a good treasury! And I love the people on my team. Etsy West Michigan are a group of great men and women, some of which I've gotten to meet personally and you won't find a better bunch of people! These are just some of the findings I chose for the Sexy West Michigan Treasury I got up at 4am this morning to grab LOL I'm a complete addict. One day one of our treasuries will be on the Front Page at Etsy but then I wonder, "do I really want that"? Some of the "toiled over" and "labored over" items that I've seen on there are so simple and our team and their creations are definately not simple. These artisians take their time choosing just the right piece, just the right fabric and make it a labor of love. Yet we don't find many of those kinds of pieces on the front page. I don't and probably will never understand it. Instead we find eye brow raising items that may have taken 3 minutes to sew, usually by hand, add a button and a string and you have something front page worthy. So honestly I guess I don't want anything of mine on the front page because then I'll know someone thought it was simple.