Friday, April 8, 2016


So today, I decided to create some tiny little flowers, using my new punch. Then I grabbed my camera and decided to share my experience with you. Here are the details:
First I grabbed paper, glue, scissors and my punch.


Then I began to punch out the shapes, feeling like I was wasting a lot of paper. As the flower making time went on I think I was. haha

Well, next delivery. So ran to the door, signed the receipt, grabbed a plate and put this little project on hold while my husband and I watched "Dirty Jobs" with Mike Rowe. :)
Next was the assembly of the paper flowers. This is where I scratched my head a bit, as I wasn't sure how to layer them so every bit of the colors could be seen. And it was getting irritating. I felt like I was in 3rd grade. And it's not a good feeling I gotta tell ya, unless you're a third grader. grrr.
I added a drop of glue and began to layer the flower pieces, one by one, until I built the whole flower, using 3-4 layers. I don't usually make anything the same way twice so THAT part was working out great as I couldn't remember what I did first, second, third or fourth with the last one.

Once I got the layers on, it was time for the glitter. WAIT: I FORGOT THE GLITTER. So upstairs I went, to the craft loft, my studio, the place where Zen happens when I'm making my butterflies. That's probably why these aren't turning out well. I was in the dining room.
Glitter in hand, I began to glue and sprinkle. I thought of a good friend of mine that once told me NOT to glitter in his house without glittering in a box he had provided. Well, I kinda forgot, and he was sweeping up glitter for weeks, and to this day, I'm not allowed to use glitter in his house. hahaha

...this could be why....
Here are the finished little flowers. I will need more practice. I'll be adding leaves as soon as I make another trip to my craft room.
I'll include the picture when I do. Have a great day!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Butterflies Are Bloomin'


I have these new in the shop, some beautiful lacey pink shabby chic butterflies!
My life of late has been, well, complicated. Only those closest to me really know and understand where I'm comin' from. These butterflies help me to forget for awhile and lose myself in this wonderful art.
Sometimes I wish I could quit my day job and create art that touches my soul. My day job will never do that. Not because of the work I do, because I give everything I have to it while I'm there. But the atmosphere saps my spirit to the point that it takes a couple of days of not being there to begin finding that inner deep part of me that screams to create.

This butterfly was a custom order for a woman that wanted two of these for the top of her wedding cake. I just happened to have the paper she was looking for. I wish her and her husband all the best.

These are Caribbean blue, shabby chic and really beautiful in person. I imagine them on a babies nursery wall or on a gift for someone special.

Beautiful animal print butterflies for the wild at heart. LOL Something for everyone!

If you have a birthday, anniversary, a new baby coming, or in my case a new grandbaby coming, these butterflies are perfect for decorating a wall, card, cake or gift for that special someone. I have opened a new shop in a venue called The Wedding Mile...although my main shop is at Etsy I'm hoping to reach a new audience to provide them with a new look into the wonderful world of paper butterflies. Have a glorious day!


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Athenianaire: Raising Funds For Monarch Waystations

Athenianaire is a wonderful shop on Etsy that stocks beautiful butterfly jewelry and other wonderful finds.

These little felted bees are my second purchase from this shop, and the proceeds from these bees are going to fund monarch waystations, where monarch butterflies will be tagged and set free. This is just such a wonderful project I wanted to write about it here and share it with all of you.
What's really extra special about this project is that the shop owners' son is also helping to make these little bundles of cuteness!
If you would like to help support this effort visit Athenianaire here at Etsy and look for her little felted bees!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013




Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Saturday, September 8, 2012

It Is Finished

It is done. Finished. Not touching another thing. I am relieved, happy, sad, wondering...
I'm not going to be using the rainbow 9 inchers because of three people telling me no. My husband, Brad and Michele all concurred that those butterflies were just too much.
So I'll be installing at the end of the week for my very first Artprize. 
And now...I can begin to concentrate on Beneath The Tree!

I am going to be making paper flower bouquets for this years event, hoping that these will go over very well.

Eleven Days And Counting

I cannot wait until Artprize. My piece is almost finished and I am so blessed to be able to create something to hopefully bless those that see it.I've been asked "why put it there?" "aren't you afraid someone will destroy it?" and my answer to them was "I hope they know it's to give them some hope." I am creating this to bring hope to those that need it most. I have to admit I'd love to sell it. But if it doesn't I will be happy to bring it home and put it on my wall in my living room. It's taken me 4 months of work, after my day job. We are going to be hauling it with a uhaul truck as our truck won't be big enough. This piece is 7 ft by 6 ft and I'm afraid part of it will break if we put it in the truck, and the thought of rain hitting it makes me nuts as it would end in disaster. I finished the bugs last night, they will be hidden for the art goers to find in the flowers and then I have yet to make the big flowers, and put them on wire, anchor to the back and then artfully bring them to the front for a real 3D experience. Then I have 9 inch laser cut butterflies that will be anchored to the back, coming over the top for a finish that will bring the piece all together. Then all that is left is the installation. My friend Joe, from work, will be helping me with that. Thanks Joe for being willing to do this! I have two artist receptions to attend; one at the B.O.B. on the 16th of September from 7-10pm where we pick up our artist bags (i'm still looking for someone to go with me) and then one on the 18th at God's Kitchen from 5-7pm where everyone is invited (to get a preview of the art, meet the artists) but you must RSVP them if you want to attend. God's Kitchen is still looking for volunteers to help during Artprize if you are interested. Thanks to everyone for all the support. It has meant a lot during these months when I thought I wouldn't have it in me to finish.