Friday, February 27, 2009

I am Thankful

Sometimes I forget to be thankful. Today I have been given the day off with the rest of my company because we are ahead in our orders. So I'm staying home, doing laundry, cooking, shopping for food, taking care of my doggies, cleaning, dusting, sweeping and mopping the floors, doing more laundry, listing things in my clearance section of my shoppe and if I get a second I might have a peanut butter sandwich. But I will say that I am blessed and thankful because there are those who don't have jobs and are hurting financially and emotionally right now. I've been thinking about taking a portion of what goes into my paypal account and putting it aside for team mates that made need it worse than I do. It will build up over time but this will give me a little fund to draw on to help my friends. They've given me so much support over the months that it's well and good to do something for them.

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