Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rantings and Ravings

I really just need to share some thoughts, no one will probably read these but if someone does and can relate that will make me smile. At least Iwill know I'm not alone.

Let's talk about driving. Who remembers free drivers ed in school? When they taught us by a little classroom book work and then we got out and drove. The drivers ed teacher ate a donut and drank a little coffee while he read his paper (Mr. Fedewa was his name I recall) while I drove around turning at his command. He basically taught defensive driving so that is how I drive now. It drives me nuts to be down here in the city. People just making their own rules as they go. Like yesterday, I was coming up to a light, signaling to get into the left hand turn lane when I discovered the right and middle lanes stopped to let some impatient individual out. As I got closer to the intersection the one coming out, making everyone stop and wait for him to advance pulled right in front of me to make that left hand turn. Now I'm the first one to be courteous when it comes to offering the last piece of pie, the last donut, the last soda, but don't ask me to stop my travel to almost get into an accident because some stupid man wants to cut into my lane. Why don't people just wait? What's the freakin hurry? OK, then there's the dumb wad sitting at the green light. Now I come from the country where we stop for stop signs, and for red lights but when the light turns green we GO. Down here city drivers sit at the green lights and run the red ones. I don't get it. It must be in the water. Then there is the occassional driver that loves to just gaulk at everything as they drive in the middle lane (fast lane where I come from) speed limit is 45 but for them to drive a mile over 30 well it's just unheard of. Especially on a weekday when I'm trying to get to work. I mean, what's to look at, at 5:30am? Those individuals are usually driving old Nissan Sentras. If I can't see your head, I wonder how you can see the road, and welp, this must explain the crawl down 28th ST. Sit on some books or somethin for pete's sake. And another thing...I understand slowing down a bit from your normal speed when it's raining, but since you usually go 30, it really doesn't help for you to be in the left hand lane (fast lane) and crawlin' at 15 mph. It really doesn't. GET OVER YOU RIDICULOUSLY IRRITATING PERSON PRETENDING TO DRIVE.

Whew. I am 50% less stressed out. Let's nab that last 50.

Let's talk about the workplace. Rules are put in place for a reason. They are enforced honestly so that everyone has the same, fair working conditions, etc. Why then are those that feel the rules don't apply to them? One rule we have is no cell phones are to be on the person. You may not use your cell phone or that of others' during working hours. They can be used on breaks however. They are almost always used in the restrooms now at any time, or behind things, in corners, out of purses where the individual can watch for the supervisor. Some come dressed like they are working as a cruise director. PEOPLE WE WORK IN A STUPID FACTORY. Not a cruise ship. We are not allowed to eat on the plant floor at any time unless it's a designated area. But just today I saw someone walking down the isle in the plant munching on a bag of somethin. Blatent disregard for the rules. People have regular eating times apart from break time, and they just go get their sandwiches or whatever they want to eat and just eat it. They know when the supervisor comes around so they plan their eating for times they know he will be less likely to walk around. When someone walks in with 2 or 3 shoulder bags it's almost a dead give away, that they are planning to do more than work. If they choose to work at all. I get so irritated sometimes because of the blatent disregard for the rules by others, could jeopardize my rights someday.

So this is a couple of my rantings for today. I feel 100% better. Now I have to sleep.

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