Sunday, December 26, 2010

I received the nicest Christmas gift from a friend of my named Polly. My anticipation grew as Christmas Day approached as she made me promise to wait until Christmas morning. I did and it was well worth the wait. Inside the english paper, and two pretty red ribbons was a handmade stationary set.
The details are fantastic, from the gold trim, golden ribbon to the 3D effect of the hedghog on the front.
She and her husband live in the UK where right now it's very snowy and not easy for them to get around. Polly has been my friend for a few years now and we've written off and on ever since.
She has a shop on Etsy named "Pollys" and in it are creatively made cards and my first purchase from her shop was a green and white striped apron. She has listed purses and bags; tags and note cards for different occassions.

As I opened it, golden ribbons seemed to pour out, as I looked at the handmade tags and the gloriously detailed bookmark. It was awe inspiring to say the least as it was the only gift I personally received that day. I thought of all the thought and detail that went into the set, the hedgehog pattern paper, decorated envelopes, and the strength of the "wallet" itself.

I really don't want to use anything out of it as to me it's a work of art.
These are the envelopes. Sturdy, creative and quite whimsical.
You can visit Polly's shop at
and you can be assured that you will receive
quality filled creatively handmade cards (she also makes lovely handmade satchets, bags, purses and aprons too!)
The stationary came in two different sizes;
one size for notes and one size for letters.
Wonderfully made tags, thoughtfully made
with little grommets and beautiful
golden ribbon
Beautifully detailed bookmark on both sides.
I hope your New Year brings everything you dream of; May you have health, happiness and above all
friends like mine.

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