Friday, April 8, 2016


So today, I decided to create some tiny little flowers, using my new punch. Then I grabbed my camera and decided to share my experience with you. Here are the details:
First I grabbed paper, glue, scissors and my punch.


Then I began to punch out the shapes, feeling like I was wasting a lot of paper. As the flower making time went on I think I was. haha

Well, next delivery. So ran to the door, signed the receipt, grabbed a plate and put this little project on hold while my husband and I watched "Dirty Jobs" with Mike Rowe. :)
Next was the assembly of the paper flowers. This is where I scratched my head a bit, as I wasn't sure how to layer them so every bit of the colors could be seen. And it was getting irritating. I felt like I was in 3rd grade. And it's not a good feeling I gotta tell ya, unless you're a third grader. grrr.
I added a drop of glue and began to layer the flower pieces, one by one, until I built the whole flower, using 3-4 layers. I don't usually make anything the same way twice so THAT part was working out great as I couldn't remember what I did first, second, third or fourth with the last one.

Once I got the layers on, it was time for the glitter. WAIT: I FORGOT THE GLITTER. So upstairs I went, to the craft loft, my studio, the place where Zen happens when I'm making my butterflies. That's probably why these aren't turning out well. I was in the dining room.
Glitter in hand, I began to glue and sprinkle. I thought of a good friend of mine that once told me NOT to glitter in his house without glittering in a box he had provided. Well, I kinda forgot, and he was sweeping up glitter for weeks, and to this day, I'm not allowed to use glitter in his house. hahaha

...this could be why....
Here are the finished little flowers. I will need more practice. I'll be adding leaves as soon as I make another trip to my craft room.
I'll include the picture when I do. Have a great day!