Sunday, March 1, 2009

Gift Guides

The gift guides. How can I describe them? When I went there today I looked for interesting, magical, intelligently made articles that just had to be fabulous because well, they're in the gift guide. What it looked like to me was articles that were made in 2nd grade art class. Now I'm not perfect, I'm not saying that I am top of the crafting chain at all, but Etsy, please put things in there that are useful, that have a lot of thought put into them and stop picking stuff for the gift guide and the front page that freakin looks like belly button lint or something the cat hacked up. Otherwise I'm going to put a pin finding on the back of my dryer lint and dedicate it to you.

For some fun reading go to this link

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Oh my LaShelle, tell us how you really feel.

I agree though.