Sunday, February 19, 2012

DIY Paper Flower

I've always wanted to blog about a DIY project and decided today was the day. This is a tutorial on how to make a paper flower, my way. LOL I realize that there are some very good tutorials, maybe even easier than this one, however this is my design, and it's fun and my style of easy. So here goes!

Now do you want the easy way? Or the cheapest way? Once I show you the easiest way and you realize that you don't have the tools, then you will know how to do it the cheapest way. With good 'ol sissors and a great fold.

Easiest Way:

Large/Med Heart Shaped Paper Punch
Med size Paper Punch
Paper (cardstock color on both sides)
Hot Glue Gun and the glue...

Start by plugging in your glue gun; next punch out your heart shapes, you'll need approximately 12.

OK then after you get those punched out, wrap each one around a skinny pen or pencil, even a crochet hook will work.

You'll want to wrap it the long way, with the two sides of the heart touching making a petal shape.

Once you have them all shaped like a petal next you'll want to punch out your circle, out of the same paper.

Take the circle and lay it down in front of you; taking your first "petal" apply your hot glue to the back just down by the bottom tip of the heart and place on your little round piece of paper you punched out.

Keep gluing them on till you get it to fill the outer diameter of your circle

Then you'll want to take your next "petal" and bend the end of your heart towards the inside of the petal like shown in the picture below.

Place a little hot glue on the bend that you just made and place it, working to the inside of your flower, overlapping the petals you've already glued on.

Keep working going around in a circle until you come to the middle where you will finish by making your last remaining petals, rolled more tightly (you'll have to do this with your fingers) and then bending the bottoms up, applying the hot glue and placing those tighter petals in the center. You may have to get a spoon handle to push them down to make them stick as this is a tight space.

Once you've glued your petals in your flower should look something like this.

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