Wednesday, April 4, 2012

This probably was the most fun I have had in such a long time. I made a cake I found in the Readers' Digest; and decided to give it to a friend that loves peeps. My husband, Geoff and I took it to him, and he took it up to his folks house for an early Easter Dinner.

Just recently, a friend and I decided it would be nice to give a birthday potluck to an older lady that we work with. She lives alone and loves attention, so we began to plan it...or so I thought. I said I could make a cake, and I was really excited about how much fun it would be to create it, what colors I would use, and what embellishments to make it perfect for her. It was mentioned that she wished for a costco cake for her birthday; but I don't have a membership. Some of us were having a lot of fun throwing out suggestions of what to do for this fabulous cake and I started spending time searching the net for ideas. I pretty much had settled on a 3 tier decorated with her favorite thing; I would make her candy butterflies and spiral them on the front, for a dramatic look. Today was the day that I was to go to the store and shop for all the materials; however  my friend, who I had began planning this with a week or so ago, told me "_________ just said that she wanted to pick up a cake at costco, it's how she wants to contribute to the potluck."  So as I was looked at, like I was to give in and didn't have a choice, I just back down and said, "well, then, what shall I bring? I haven't planned for anything else." Nothing at the time was suggested, so I thought about it while I was at work today. I decided homemade coleslaw, would be a good choice. I suggested it to my friend, who by this time usually would've come around and asked everyone what they wanted to bring. But she never came and talked to me. Never asked me what else I could bring. Maybe she would rather I not participate. But anyway, trying to stay positive and participate I told her I could bring coleslaw, and she paused and said that someone else was bringing it. I said well, what is there left for me to bring? "nothing, not really anything." So I went from bringing the cake, to bringing nothing and not feeling much like she wants me included. She did make a suggestion I could bring ice cream to go with the cake, however getting it to work, without melting would be hard. So I've chosen to not participate. I wish I had asked for the day off. This doesn't feel good to me, I know it's not about me, but my friend, maybe without realizing it dissed me from these plans. Maybe she feels like if I brought the cake I was looking for some praise or something stupid like that, but all I wanted to do was to do something nice for an elderly lady. So decisions..

Not taking anything to it. I mean, they all ready have everything.

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