Sunday, June 17, 2012


Artprize. I've been interested in getting involved in Artprize since the first year it began. I've attended, looked at the art, but always had a dream to just enter. Not to win, but to make someone smile. To take part and be apart of a group of people that love art, and like to articulate their thoughts and feelings through something tangible.

So this year on the very last day to sign up, I took the plunge. I was nervous as I didn't have a venue, wasn't sure who to connect with and so began looking for some place to put a piece of art. I knew what I wanted to make, and reached out to 3 venues and waited. I waited. Waiting....and after hearing nothing back from any of them, decided to prayerfully choose one that I could make a difference in. I clicked on the venues and the first one I laid my eyes on was God's Kitchen. I didn't know they were going to offer up their place for a venue, but I knew right then, I had to ask...

I only waited one day; they wrote to me, happy to have my art in their venue and I now have a signed contract to put my art at God's Kitchen for Artprize!

My piece at it's highest is 72 inches; it's shortest 18 inches; it's widest will be just short of 84 inches as I have to stay within a 7ft area square. This is a brick wall; I will either have to pay someone to drill holes (provided the venue ok's this) or with their permission hang close to the wall from the ceiling.

My design will resemble a rainbow, made out of thousands of paper butterflies, sprayed to a shine, with rainbow colors of tears for the back ground and the words "There Is Hope." I wanted to do more however more may be less in this case; I'll have to take a look and see as I go as this has been an evolution of a project. 

I plan on documenting the work as it's done, step by step so that those that would like to see how it's going can follow along, until the final installation.

At this point 500 red butterflies have been cut; and my canvases have been ordered. Once they get here I'll be attaching them in an abstract way for interest. The next step is the rainbow colored tears. Once they are dry I'll begin attaching the butterflies, one by one. I anticipate having to cut about 3000-4000 butterflies for this project.


Ginny McCarron said...

La Shelle, I an so thrilled for you taking the plunge and finding such a wonderful venue! I can't wait to see the progress and the finished work at Artprize!!

JYN Designs said...

LaShelle, I am POSITIVE that this will be beyond beautiful. I will tell everyone that I know to come and look and even vote for your piece. I can't wait to see it.