Sunday, July 1, 2012



The second installment of "The Evolution of My ARTprize Experience"... I did think for a while (thought it probably doesn't look like I put any thought at all into this piece haha) on what I wanted my entry to look like. I knew I wanted to go with it being very colorful and eye catching, and I also wanted a design that didn't fit inside any box. Especially not any box of mine. I wanted to push myself outside of my abilities, so I could learn new things as I go. So far, I have. I learned that you really want to pre drill. You just do. Less splitting of expensive canvases. Then thanks to my dear husband, clamping is a must, just do it, you'll be a lot happier when there are no gaps. So I purchased several different sized premade canvases and began to join them together.

Then you need to think if you have a wall big enough for your piece to hang. CUZ THERE AIN'T NOBODY GONNA BUY THIS LOL aw come on....laugh at yourself. Yes. I have learned to laugh at myself A LOT. Unfortunately I find humor in almost anything. I laugh at myself the most. I'm always shakin' my head and laughin' at all my projects because they are all such a hoot and I usually end up suprising myself. Just after I got all of my canvases together, joining them with little steel brackets I wanted to hang it on the wall and get started. I found that the whole piece wanted to make a circle. It wasn't wanting to lay flat against the wall. So after talking with my hero (Geoff) he told me I definately needed a brace and not only one but two. Oh dear and I thought this was going to be easy. Nope. So yesterday we picked up more wood to make the cross pieces needed to keep my art piece flat. It's at the point here in the above picture right now because I'm waiting for the screw driver to finish charging up after laying down the first brace and re-positioning most of the steel brackets.
This would be a good time to talk about re-purposing. I've decided to make my art piece using as many materials that I already have on hand. Hence, these old wood screws.  When I found these I knew I needed 15 and do you know that that's exactly the number I had on hand? YAY! No second trips to the hardware store, it's all here. I'm so happy I saved these when we first moved in to this house. 

So I sit here and wait for the screwdriver to charge, and share with you all the progress of my artprize entry and the shop front where my artprize entry will be displayed. It's called God's Kitchen where many hungry people are able to have a meal and be given hope. It's still such an honor for the opportunity to be able to call this venue, my artprize venue.



JYN Designs said...

Fabtabulous, I can not wait to see it in its full glory. You are an AMAZING artist and dear dear friend.

newleafdesigns said...

I am so excited to see your progress on the project! I was bragging you up to friends and we will be making your piece a feature stop on our Artprize tour!