Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Next Step Toward ARTPRIZE

The Next Step...I can't begin to describe the feeling when I saw the outcome of the terrific paint I got from JoAnn's, called Glimmer Mist. Tattered Angels is the company that produces this exciting new paint and has many tutorials on Youtube on how to apply it. First gently move the bottle in a circular motion to mix it, never wanting to shake it, you don't want bubbles in this...then you spray it onto your surface then place Saran Wrap over top and bunch it up a bit with your finger tips. You will begin to see a mosaic pattern. Let this dry, it took my piece over night before it was completely dried.
I took the plastic wrap off this morning, and then took three pictures.

Here is the blue section, I wish my camera could have picked up the shine. It's really interesting. Of course this will be the sky where the butterflies will take over, to form a rainbow...I'm going to also add some off the canvas like they are going to join the rest of the butterflies to take part in the color fest haha.

I have to say here that the green turned out quite nice, but most of it will be covered in flowers.

Now to begin the arduous task of adding thousands of pieces of paper to this project where there will be more pictures to follow.
I need to find just the right kind of glue, one that doesn't stain, give up in the heat, that will stick to canvas and not soak through the paper. Today is a work day...No. Today is a PLAY DAY. :)

Here's a little glimpse into what is to come...

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