Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm amazed at the brilliance of God in my Garden. That even at the touch of my feebleness and ineptness that God can still coax tulips up, let them know that everything will still be alright, even though they were planted in my little flower garden. I can just hear them all talking now "do you think it's safe to show our heads"? "All clear" one says...."She took the rake back inside, yet we will miss Joe, he gave his life so we could have a clean area to come up in"...yeah, I raked a tulip and broke it clean off the stem. It was the first one up. I didn't see them last year. I wasn't sure I would get any this year either. I'm not a gardener. I've always wanted to try though and when I accidently broke that little blossom off even before it had a chance to open and show all of it's glory I thought, isn't that like life? Sometimes we as human beings tend to prejudge someone before we even get a chance to see their true beauty and by the time we're done we've broken their spirit. How unfortunate that we will never get a chance to see them standing tall, in all their true beauty, because of biting words or even sometimes a hateful look (or a misplaced rake).

I have some pictures to show all that visit, of the little babies coming up in the potting soil, seeds that I planted 2 weeks ago that have come all the way from Kent, England from a dear friend named Polly. She is a walking gardening book; after looking at her garden, her green house, her plants, her yard, her home, she to me is a master gardener, and she is mentoring me, helping me to build a cottage garden.

What you are looking at above are called Nasturium Mix after 2 weeks germination.

These above in the picture are called Veronica and I believe these will be blue with spikes. Polly told me I would have to thin them out and I will try and save everyone of those sweet little Veronicas :)

Now unfortunately I think I've made a dreadful mistake with these dear ones as they've grown rather fast and gotten spindly, because I failed at keeping them warm enough. These are called cosmos and I think they are going to be red if they make it. I have this one especially on my prayer list.

Isn't this cool! It's quite chunky looking and this is going to be a butternut squash! Isn't he handsome! I'm going to transplant him this week while I'm laid off in a bigger pot and once the threat of snails are gone I'm going to put him somewhere safe where he can grow as long and as big as he wants to. Hopefully we'll find some family members on that vine LOL

Polly has written as you can see by her drawing that this particular plant is good for bees and this plant is going to have blue balls on it, I looked this one up and the color is going to be very very vivid! I can't wait to see these! This one I think, is called (Polly I need your help on this) Echnops.

These little guys right above are called "Evening primrose" and according to instructions from Polly these are Bi Annuals. The Verbena's are up as well but they are so small yet the camera couldn't capture them and the last picture is of the White Cosmos that Polly sent. Everything else has still not come up but I think they are just being fashionably late. I've kept everything watered finger moist and not wet as Polly cautioned that they would rot if kept too wet. I'm so excited to see the rest pop up, but like the tulips they are all probably deciding when it's safe and that I don't have a rake in my hand.

white cosmos

I am having so much fun planning, and waiting and watching! Oh and I have to share a picture of the book that Polly so thoughtfully sent to me, which actually has some lovely examples of what I want my garden to look like. But I will share the book the next time I blog. My new project for this cottage garden is going to be handmade fencing to go around my flowers. Until next time, Take Care!

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