Friday, April 10, 2009

Just Some Silly Thoughts

Sometimes I feel like this. But it's from laughing.

The tooth fairy has to be a girl. Guys can't be the tooth fairy, it just doesn't sound right. How did Santa get to be a boy? The men in my life never liked to hand out presents in the past or in the present, they really don't like to shop, and every time they give something away something in their head says "cha-ching" more money out the window. Humph. And what's the deal with "Father Time" Geoff is very laid back and doesn't run on a schedule when he's home. However I do have to say in his defense that he has never been late for work, not one day in his life. And I think it's because he can't wait to get outta here LMBO!. It should be Mother Nature and Mother Time. Instead of Santa Clause maybe it should be Shanta Clause....the Easter Bunny has to be a girl because I can't see Geoff carrying a basket. And look at poor old Mother Hubbard and the @#$! that left her with all those little babies to live in what has to be the most wretched place...... I want to believe the Sales Fairy is a girl just because there is shop visiting involved in it but our Andy needs to keep his Sales Bat a boy. His sales bat probably has a pipe hanging out its' mouth. And it's probably got "Henderson" stamped on the bottom of it in size 1 font.

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Delainie said...

You are silly. I agree with every word. LOL