Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Cottage Garden

My friend Polly and I have been penpals for quite some time now. She lives in Kent, England and so it's a little difficult to catch her awake because of the time differences. I mentioned a while ago that I'd like to have a cottage garden but since I'm not a gardener didn't know even where to begin. So Polly, without expecting anything in return has been mentoring me in the masterful art of cottage gardening. She sent me homemade packets of her own seeds some perrenials some annuals, with drawings, printed pictures, and directions in sowing, how to sow, when to sow, what kind of soil to plant in, how to organize and how to set in groupings.

Being laid off has been a financial challenge but as Polly has told me cottage gardens were began by the very poor, using materials for building fences and arbors made from what they found out in the woods, their children barefoot, depending almost solely what they could grow. I've seen wonderful pictures of Polly's gardens and I see that I have a lot to do.

She also, to my complete surprise sent me a gardening book that she has a copy of by the name of "Penelope Hobhouse, Flower Gardens" and in there are wonderful examples of cottage gardens, gorgeous pictures and gardening "how to's."

A week or two ago I planted all the seeds she sent me and I've just yesterday began to see the little guys peeking up through the soil. I know it's late in the season for starting seeds but I don't have a green house and no room in the house for them so I had to wait until it got a bit warmer as they have to be kept out on my back porch. So far I've spent 15 dollars on the project; 5 each for the covered plant trays and 5 for the potting soil. I'm going to use miracle grow at the next watering which I already have so no expense there. Today I will take pictures of the first garden and that is sprouting tulips, glads and lilies. Today I'm going to prepare the next section of garden and try to talk my husband into removing a fence he has up to keep our dogs off the grass.
Today is going to be a blessed day, beautiful sun, warm weather and a light breeze. Time to prepare more garden area.

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