Friday, May 1, 2009


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If you are looking for Mothers' Day gifts or just something different for yourself, a family member or friend, come visit Designs By LaShelle for all your gift needs. If you don't see what you are looking for I have some wonderful team mates that have great ideas for gifts!

First Fruits and Flynn Orchards have these wonderful jams and jelly's as well as applesauce, sugar scrubs, even homemade marshmallows! Chocolate covered at that!

Here is a wonderful pastel done by my friend at Secondsight another wonderful Etsian. She is an artist that features gorgeous unique one of a kind drawings, cards, magnets all hand drawn. Her shop link is below where you can purchase her art work.

Shady Side Farm is honestly one of my favorite shops on Etsy, and being an owner of several pairs of "shady sockies" I can say without hesitation that they are the absolute best socks on the market. Gorgeous color, true to size, so soft and with proper care they will last and last! Visit their shop to see more wonderful items!

And what would Mothers' Day be without a fabulous card? Pick one up at Articulations!

And I just love this picture, and I've tried her liquid soap and it's to die for! No artificial anything as I'm allergic to a lot of artificial additives and the scent was wonderful, lather fantastic and the scent was heavenly. You can find more lovelies at their shop

All of Etsy West Michigan Shops have links to each other so it's like mall shopping from the comfort of your chair!

There is one more shop I have to mention.

RCTEES have the best shirts in my opinion on Etsy. What makes a shop the best? Well you want quality but it's the artist as well and these designs are terrific and this shop is in the Etsy Gift Guide and Yesterday it made the Front Page! Way to go Toni!

Here's a link to her fantastic shop



Lona said...

Thank you, friend! How great of you to feature these shops... We do have a lot of talent in West Michigan, don't we?

Craftinator said...

Thanks Neighbor! :) Etsy has so much amazing talent! Love it!

DesignsByLashelle said...

WE HAVE A TON OF TALENT, and I'm going to blog about them, at least try once a week. I'll do several a week and try to hit everyone.

More sales, more exposure, more affirmation of eachother.

that's what it's about.