Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ramblings From A Nervous Heart

The vibe rock pendant business has been taking off lately! I've sold 6 at work (gave one away because I got a big tip from one of the buyers) and had a custom order on Etsy among other orders. I've been making new ones, trying to make different colors because there are so many different people. Trying to please....hmmmm sounds like a blog entry...
I am going to be doing my first craft "show" and have been wondering lately how many people will try to insult me or my team by making statements such as "oh I can make that," "you're asking what for that"?, "you're asking $20 dollars, will you take $5"?, or "I like this one, but do you have it in the color of the rainbow?" I think most people will be respectful and it's what we can hope for however I know there will be people that will be just plain rude, with their noses turned up. I know I will hear statements and see the kind of looks that people make when they step in a pile of dog crap. I just want to say to all those people that are more than likely "loaded", that come to the market this summer to take advantage of the sellers down there, (trying to get something for nothing and then taking there "prize" home to brag about later) that we are not the starving artists that you think we are. We are hard working men and women with a passion to create beautiful and practical things. We are people that love what we do and put a fair and comparable price on our beautiful handmade items. We are men and women that take a lot of pride in our knowledge of craftmanship no matter what level we are at and expect to be treated like the artisians we are. It's not always about the money though; just having someone say "I like this" can be payment enough.
I am excited to attend the Farmers' ARTisians Market this summer and can't wait to get to hang out with all my team mates and be apart of this team I belong to. One thing I will do though, is keep my eye out for those that attend, and I think God will let me know, those people that really need a break.
I expect to see someone walk past my table with diamonds on her fingers as big as bowling balls, hair and makeup expertly done, nails manicured, and designer clothes saying "I can do that" while I sit and drink my soda knowing in my mind that it won't be my things she turns her nose up at but it'll be after she goes home and tries to make it herself...remember the pile of dog crap I mentioned?


Catherine said...

I've heard something hurtful at every show I've ever done...BUT I've heard at least ten nice things for every bad comment.

Be careful not to judge too quickly...some of the kindest people I've met at shows are dressed to the nines, wearing a fur or diamond earrings I will never afford. Nasty comes in all shapes and sizes, but so does nice!

DesignsByLashelle said...

thanks so much Catherine. I really know what you are talking about, bad people do come in all shapes, sizes and financial status. I think I needed to just get it out and wait for the pro's to help me make sense of it. I really appreciate you taking the time to read this, comment and be nice enough to help me. I really hate rejection, I don't take it well, but my husband said today "you're just doing this to have fun, so go have some fun"! so that's what I'm planning to do. I am going to blog about the vendor apron i just got done making. I can't believe how easy it was!