Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Made a Vendor Apron!



I needed a vendor apron and it seemed easy enough but the problem was that I can't sew. So I visualized what I wanted, wrote to my friend in England about it and she sent me a very detailed drawing on how to do it. It seemed mostly like straight line sewing just rolling my edges so I didn't have any fraying problems and I began.

So I took a long piece of fabric, the same material as I'm going to cover my tables with and sew'd all the edges after measuring it about where I wanted it to lay when I had it tied on. I bought a roll of yellow ribbon to match to use for ties. Then I cut out three squares of different colors of butterfly material with some really shiny strings in it, looks like glitter in the fabric, and put 3 little pockets on the front. So far so good LOL then I folded the apron in half and got a little wild, and sew'd zig zag stitches all down both sides and in the middle of my butterfly pockets so instead of having 3 little pockets in the front I have 3 big pockets too!

I'm always trying to find things that actually go around me. It was funny because recently I was asked "do you take a small, medium or large" and I had to tell them a 3X. So big is great but plus is where I'm at.

I was just glad I was able to use my head and make this. I usually leave these kinds of things to the pros but this time I needed to prove to myself that I can do whatever I put my mind to do. I can't wait for Geoff to come home in the morning so I can show him I did it, and I actually finished it HAHAHAHA as I'm terrible at finishing things. He knows that fact so this will be a suprise for him for sure!

This is my wish for how I want it to look on me HAHA nice tiny waist, but this bod uses the entire apron, TRUST ME.


I decided to put a ruffle on it, I've never made a ruffle for anything, I only eat ruffles LOL

It sorta turned out a little crappy, the ruffle ended up not even. But it's still cute to me. I'm thinking about added some hand stitched crystals to the pockets. But that will have to be another day as I need to make mobiles today.


Dulce said...

your apron turned out so cute. I will not have to make me one, Jennifer Ackerman made me one last year. It is so stinking cute. Here is the link to it.

You know I will be sporting my cute apron at the market.

thatissocute said...

LaShelle - I love how you you added extra pockets to your apron! You can never have enough, those are hidden inside.